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I work for the power company and always looking for ways to save on my electric bill. Water heater is about 30% of our electric bill. By turning the water heater off I’ve already seen a considerable cost savings. Looking forward to see what I’ll be saving to heat my home. I currently have a heat pump. My significant other doesn’t seem to mind firing up the stove when I’m away. I like the overall look of the stove, how well it’s made, and where it’s manufactured. Best part, the dealer (Brian Buckler) is only minutes away from my home.


West Virginia

I received my stove last week. It is now up and running. I am in total love. I stay cold due to medications. I can say, not any more. The people were wonderful to work with and talked us through any issue with a solution at the end of the conversation. The friend who helped install the stove has a different brand, older stove, after seeing how well this stove is made, he may be purchasing one (outdoor wood furnace) soon. So awesome!!


North Carolina

My Crown Royal stove keeps my home and work shop warm. It requires very little attention and best of all my neighbors are always letting me cut the wood for free

M. Heilman

We have had our Crown Royal 7400 for 5 years now. Our propane man hates us because we have not purchased propane since we installed our boiler. We heat our 40 x 60 shop that we have a small living quarters in. We live in Northern Minnesota during the polar vortex we hit wind chills of -60 and we were cozy warm. This spring we plan on breaking ground on a new house that the boiler will be hooked to.

Ron D.

I purchased a Crown Royal RS7300 in September of 2015 from Greentech Manufacturing. We chose to go with an outdoor boiler system after numerous winters with outrageous electric bills. We were averaging $550 a month for electric! And that was with setting the thermostat at a crisp 65 degrees. Since then we have been saving hundreds! We also use the boiler for our in house hot water, which has been another money saver. Since we have had our boiler all our electric bills have been under $150 and that’s with both zones of our furnaces running at the same time at a toasty 74 degrees. I have had to contact Greentech about a couple things and their customer service has always been great for me. Won’t be long for the beginning of year 3 of burning wood and saving money! Stay warm!


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